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Refund Policy


Last Modified Jun 22, 2020

Thank you for shopping at Social Kash Kows.

Please read this refund policy carefully. 


Given that we exclusively sell digital products, returns can be somewhat tricky. Our digital products can be downloaded immediately after being purchased, putting us in a somewhat complex position, given there is no way to take back something that has already been downloaded.

Taking this into account, we found the need to reduce our refund window.
However, we do offer full refunds on all products (bundles & discounted products NOT included) purchased directly in our store.

Continue reading to understand all the details and limitations for our refund process:


Digital Products


Digital Products purchased in our store ( are entitled to a refund in the 7 days following the purchase.
This applies to all digital products that are individually purchased (can be bundled, up to 15 products max) directly on




  • Product must be purchased (individually or bundled, 15 max) directly in our site.
  • Product must have been purchased a maximum of 7 days prior to refund request.
  • Product must have corresponding documentation (proof of purchase).




  • Special bundles, discount bundles, “lightning” bundles and any limited time offer bundle that contains 16+ products are NOT eligible for refunds.
  • Discounted products, bundles and offers received ( and purchased through) automated email campaigns are NOT eligible for refunds.
  • Any products purchased longer than 7 days prior to refund request are no longer eligible for refunds.
  • Any product that was not directly purchased through the site cannot be refunded.
  • Any product that does not have the proper documentation (proof of purchase) is not eligible for refunds.


We issue refunds for all digital products purchased at our store ( within 7 days of the original purchase of the product, regardless of type and category.If you would like to process a refund, please reach out to our contact center at: [email protected]


We recommend contacting us for support if you experience any issues receiving or downloading our products.